Who are you?

A great person isn’t the one who knows his strengths but who is aware of his weaknesses

More often than not we always wonder who are we exactly and purpose of our life.if we are on right track & whats the meaning of all this? a friend of mine always quotes about himself “still figuring out the meaning of life.” what a beautiful way i thought.
But lately i stumbled across a phenomena of which accurately describes the kind of personality we have and the traits we will poses if we fall under the certain category.i was shocked with the results & it was almost as if they have been stalking & noticing my personality traits all this while but NO its simply because i fall under the Debater personality.you can take the same test from “www.16personalities.com” *No Promotional activity*
You can also refer the Link ( https://www.16personalities.com/articles/our-theory ) after taking the test if you are skeptical about how it works.
I am simply sharing this information because it will give you a better insight of who exactly you are.maybe you will be able to decide a better career or ways to be better at anything.but i can assure you that if it can work for me might as well work for you.whats the harm in finding out?
As Jim Rohn has always taught “work harder on yourself than you work on your job” that’s the key to be success,have a rich and happy life.what better way to work on yourself by first getting to know who you are.
This kind of process requires time & a conscious effort but i can assure you its totally worth it.we must all be aware of our strengths & weakness to grow.you can also contact us to know yourself.we will be happy to help. happy learning!


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