What is self love? Is it important?

Love to the loveless shown

What is self love? Is it important? You think, if we know to love ourselves, we become selfish or come off as a mean person?
If is it is so important in today’s world..why isn’t it taught in school,college or even at work? Why isn’t it shown in movies..?Why is it that all the movies are about a girl meeting a boy; falling in love and do they both really live happily ever after? Why is Raj & Simran shown as ideals?Why does Raj have to love and save Simran always? Can’t Simran be a girl who loves herself and becomes a hero and saves herself? Even if there’s movie which comes with such theme its labelled as SEX and the city?OMG..this isn’t our culture.

Maybe it isn’t that ..but a capability to love your own damn self unconditionally as much as you want to love your significant other. Maybe that’s what we all need…may be that’s what the world needs!!

I think all the girls & ladies need to pick up themselves; be self capable and finally not to expect your Tom cruise or Raj to come rescue you. Rather they should feel motivated by your self love, to love you more than what you love yourselves

So,speak up;be loud & be clear! Be honest & truthful..Be beautiful just the way you are! You are much stronger than you think you are my love!

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