The Need Indeed

need indeed

On a day to day life How many times do you use “i WANT to be this & that” & ¬†also “i NEED to be …”. There is a mere difference in these phrases but we don’t pay attention to it. why?

Because we are ignorant? or because we say these sentences just to tell yourself the story that one day we will get there. There is always later for all we know to put it on hold & while we can focus on less important things. Its always on your mind, infact the moment I use the term “IT” the bell rings in your head & you have a picture of that right in front of you.
So let me ask this question again what is it? & what is stopping you right now to even take a little step towards your goal? the answer always end on “You”. You have the power to change & will always have the power to change to make that “one particular Dream” come true.

“lets make it happen RIGHT now”….