The Monkey Mind

You are your thoughts, your beliefs, your fear, values and most importantly your choices that you make at each moment of your life. They shape you & they make you. May be you haven’t realized that you are just one choice away from changing your life completely but only if it was so easy said than done.
We make choices by our thoughts, feelings & emotions. But what if we are always living in our irrational fears or simply because we loving being in or comfort zone. We are powering these thoughts by constant focus & attention. These kind of thoughts make a habit pattern on your brain & you find it extremely difficult to come out of it because your brain knows it no other way. Even if you take a step forward it withdraws you back with more fear of rejection, disapproval & failure. You can get stuck in this loop forever until you realize it & take necessary steps.
You must always be bigger than your fear, guilt & feeling because you are the master of your own universe not the other way around. So rise & shine my friend! This is your moment!

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