About Author

Say hi! To our founder and chief strategist..


1.She is a thinker and avid reader.
2.Her attention span is limited to 10 seconds and she goes off to another subject.
3.An Ambivert who loves to socialize but also loves traveling solo.
4.she is also occasional stand-up comedian, singer and dancer among her friends.
5. Her aura is Positive, vibrant and enthusiastic.Ball of energy as we call her.
6.You will always see a smile on her face.
7.Bossy and demands on being precise.
8.Asked us to write 10 points about her. Nice!
9.Seriously, loves helping people everywhere.
10.Her shoes & attitude, classy!!


One more secret from our side.. Sarcasm & profanity!

Go ahead & find out more about her..